Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bridgewater NS Real Estate

What greater compliment can be paid to Bridgewater Nova Scotia

Most of the South Shore's major amenities and national employers are here.

Small businesses also service the local population (approximately 8000)

with a huge draw of another 46,000 people from outlying areas.

Many properties in Bridgewater allow you to feel like you're on a rural route, 
and yet walk to services offered by our largest town on the South Shore.

Click on the coloured text to see an example of such a property . It also has quick access to highway commuting and Big Box shopping locations.

Another example: GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES 44 21 48, -64 31 10 .

Check this one out on Google Earth
via as this is a WEBlog, and not an overt property advertisement.

You can walk in the Lahave River park system, perhaps even to work, or play at the forthcoming Recreation centre. Should these homes be SOLD by the time you read this the link should go to a search page for others available. (I prefer not to archive former addresses of homes for sale, and later have any privacy violations or Unethical sales lead generation).